Sunday, January 1, 2012

Simply Relative


Way out in space, far from the gravitational influences of large massive astral bodies we find a fellow moving along at one third the speed of light (c if you must).  We find another fellow moving along at one third the speed of light with respect to the first fellow. Now we encounter a third fellow moving along at one third the speed of light with respect to the second fellow.  All these fellows are moving along the +x axis of a co-ordinate system and all in the same direction.
If the first fellow was moving along at 1/3 the speed of light with respect to the newly constructed frame of reference then the last one was moving at “c” with respect to the same system.  Of course if we were to use the Lorentz transforms to calculate the length contraction seen by the fellow in the middle we would see him finding that the other two guys were somewhat distorted in their direction of travel, right? 
What does the first fellow see when looking at the third one?  He sees a substantially flattened third guy.  What does an observer sitting at the point of origin of the new co-ordinate system see with regard to the third guy?  Firstly this guy is moving away at the sped of light so theoretically he can’t be seen by the observer stationary at the point of origin but I he could the fellow would be completely flattened and of such a large mass as to be infinite!
Obviously what is being seen by any of the fellow concerning any of the others is without merit and has no meaning as to the elongation, contraction, mass increase or decrease at all!  What we observe has no bearing on the physical condition of what it is that we are observing.  The very fact that we are observing some occurrence and that our perspective somehow changes the physical nature of the observed object is absolutely ridiculous.
Lorentz as well as Einstein was selling a bill of goods, a parlor trick at best.  Smoke and mirrors had nothing on them.  The math doesn’t work, the logic doesn’t work, our observing from some arbitrary perspective doesn’t change the world or anything in it by virtue of our having observed it.
It’s all in the perspective versus the real world.  It’s all about what’s relative. Simply put, it’s about relativity and it’s simple!
If you can set aside the decades of indoctrination by false prophets (perhaps they ar simply misguided or just simply parrots), you can easily understand that every thing in the universe has its own frame of reference and if you compare any other one to it you must keep in mind that your relative perspective is what changes, not the object or event that is being observed. Q.E.D.

Bill McKee